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CIROC Peach Vodka 700ml - Ciroc Peach 700_P    - Liquor Legends New Zealand

CIROC Peach Vodka 700ml

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CIROC Peach Vodka 700ml


Alcohol %: 40%

Country: France

CÎROC™ Peach is the third flavor-infused varietal from the makers of CÎROC™ Ultra-Premium Vodka and is gluten free. Distilled five times to ensure high quality, the spirit is masterfully infused with a distinctive blend of peach and other natural flavors, resulting in a taste experience that is lusciously different and elegantly smooth. Enjoy the juicy flavor of CÎROC™ Peach with a splash of champagne in a classic CÎROC™ Peach Bellini.


Taste Note


Sun-ripened fresh peaches


Juicy, succulent peach flavor with a hint of orchard fruit


Velvety smooth

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