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Pyramid Valley Vineyards

Our new winery provides enough space to make the “Growers Collection” and the “Home Collection” under one roof, and in addition, allows for storage and shipping from the winery itself. It was important to us to have a large enough space where we could produce our wines following our philosophy of small ferments and natural winemaking using organic and biodynamic techniques. All of our fermenters are 1,000 litres or less, which allows us to be very close to the wine in a physical sense. This allows us to hand and foot plunge and allows us to listen to the health of each ferment before we intervene. We never use commercial yeast for fermentation. We culture our own yeast through starter cultures, developed in each vineyard we source fruit from. This is a technique that Mike Weersing developed to ensure that each of our wines talks entirely about where it is from without compromise from commercial yeast.