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Madam Sass

Within the rugged mountains of the Central Otago goldfields lived our protagonist with her ill-fated husband.

They were hardy hotel publicans whose clientele consisted of gold miners, vagabonds, gamblers and other miscreants, who all had one common focus; following a dream of rags to riches.

In the winter of 1867, in the dead of the longest night, her husband disappeared.

As you can imagine, dear reader, scurrilous gossip fueled the hungry ears of any who would listen. And in the years to come chilling tales emerged of how our Madam Sass came into her own. The tale of that night was as bitterly cold as the southerly wind that carried it in whispers over the years...

Bendigo is renowned for vibrant dark fruit fl vours and finely tuned acidity. Formed from glaciers grinding schist rocks to smaller gravels and finer particles, the soil is rich in minerals, free draining and perfect for growing exceptional Pinot Noir. Literally named after a miner’s original gold claim, the Claim 431 Vineyard in Bendigo sits firmly at the heart of New Zealand’s illustrious gold rush history.